Home Renovation

Painting Services is a one-stop solution for your full home or office renovation.  Whether it’s full home modern renovation, bathroom renovation, full office modern renovation or office floor tiling work, Painting Services has many and complete solutions and plans for everything. We have a team of professional who provides the best plans and ideas according to your need and will.

Contact us and our team will approach you in no time with brilliant ideas for how to completely change the interior or exterior of your living or working space. We provide all kind of related services in fair prices. Note that prices are for services only, consultation is always free for our future and current customers. Our consultant are always ready to help you out finding what you really want or need.

From consultation to project delivery, we always ensure that we are fulfilling each and every need of our customer. We always maintain highest standard on our product and service quality. All the materials we used are certified and workmanship is the best.

Renovation Services We Provide

Services given above are just some highlights, apart that we provide many small and individual services also, like Granite Flooring, External Staircase, Puja Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony or Terrace Renovation (Convert normal terrace into terrace garden). Project will be taken after inspecting the area/site and price will be accordingly. Once price is decided there will be no change in that until unless our customer wants any major addition in the work.

From whole house or building to a single bathroom, we renovate and repair everything. So, contact us on anwarali197@gmail.com or call at +91-9810149585 if you think your office or home need a renovation.